Casinos that accept Western Union for real money

Casinos that accept Western Unionhave been around since websites started offering players ways to gamble, and this is in keeping with the innovative nature of the company. While the rise of the Internet has dealt a blow to its business model, one should never forget the impact of Western Union in the world of communications and financial transactions.

The company was founded in 1851, and its initial claim was to offer telegraph service to residents of the United States. Later they would be at the forefront of money transfers, stock exchange codes, faxes, credit cards and even sung telegrams.

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While the company's once massive telegram service was discontinued after 155 years, they continue to be an important piece in the financial industry. Western Union handles hundreds of millions of transactions each year worth billions of dollars.

Some of these transfers, as you may have already guessed, involve customers depositing or withdrawing money from their casino accounts.

Benefits of using Western Union

  • Western Union has been in business for more than a century and a half. Doing business with them means working with a reliable financial institution.
  • Many casinos have special agreements with Western Union that allow discounts and other special offers for their customers who use WU for deposits.
  • Western Union is a widely accepted deposit method that is available to customers all over the world. Their customer service is available in dozens of languages with support for a wide variety of currencies.
  • WU operates a rewards program that can reduce fees. Here are more details about the My WU Rewards program.

Frequently asked questions about Western Union deposits

There is no standard fee for this type of deposit. That's because each casino will charge a slightly different fee. However, there is good news: Many casinos that accept deposits via Western Union will waive fees if they have an agreement with WU. Businesses will announce them clearly so thatyou will immediately know whether a casino you are interested in charges a fee for this type of deposit or not.

Whether a particular casino accepts deposits in this method, depends on its cash department. Hundreds of gambling-oriented websites and applications accept deposits through this method. Check the cashier section of your casino or the Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

Remember that this company has more than 150 years of experience. They are practically the most important company in the funds and bank transfer industry. Deposits using this method are as safe as any financial transaction, as long as a legitimate online casino or other gaming website or application is involved.

The legality of anything depends on the laws of the country where you live. Deposits through Western unionare legal in areas where casino games and online games are regulated and explicitly legal. Similarly, if gambling laws exist to make online gambling illegal, making a deposit via Western Union is probably not legal.

Money deposit with Western Union

There are three ways to make a deposit with Western Union: in person, online or by phone. In this section, we will look at each method and how it applies to online players.

Sending money in person is a common and easy method to achieve, as Western Union has agents in more than 515,000 locations spread all over the world. Once you have completed the necessary documentation, you will be asked to pay the amount to be transferred (as well as a commission) in cash or with a debit card. The customer will then receive a tracking number that he can share with someone else so that he can withdraw the money. You will be able to choose whether the transaction is processed the next day or in a matter of minutes, although the fee for the latter is predictably higher.

To request a money transfer online, first go to the Western Union website and create a free profile. You will be asked to enter the name, address of the recipient and enter your credit or debit card information. Once all these steps have been followed, you will receive a confirmation number that the recipient can use to withdraw the money at a physical office.

If you're short on time, pick up your phone and dial 1-800-CALL-CASH. Once the Western Union representative responds, he will guide you through the process. Money can be sent to over 200 counties and payments can be made by credit or debit card. Remember to keep your tracking number, as this is vital so that the person on the other side can claim the money.

My WU rewards

Every time you make a transaction with Western Union, you will accumulate points through its loyalty program. This is presented at a rate of 1 point for every $2 in qualifying fees in an individual transaction, and these points can be redeemed later for phone time or service fee reductions.

For example, earning 30 points equals a $5 service fee reduction or $5 of phone time. 150 points equals $30 of phone time or a free transaction. The maximum amount is 500 points, which can be redeemed for $100 of phone time (using a Western Union phone card).

Western Union casinos may be a relatively new invention, but the company has been around since the days when the American West was still settling down. During their more than 150 years in operation, they have developed a reputation for transferring money quickly and efficiently, and they remain a solid choice for online players looking to fund their casino account. This is especially true for American players, since Western Union is likely to be one of the few options available to them.