Online casinos for real money that accept Mastercard

The number of online casinos that accept MasterCard is impressive, but that shouldn't surprise us when you consider that the company processes over 74 billion transactions in a year. Most of these are made up of purchases such as food and household items, but a part of the population also uses the card to deposit money into their favorite online casino accounts.

This article briefly discusses the various cards that can be used for such purposes. We'll also examine the ups and downs of making use of MasterCard products, although I think you'll find that the positives far outweigh the negatives.

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The legality of online casino deposits with MasterCard

I get a lot of questions about whether or not it is legal to use a MasterCard or other brand of credit or debit card to make a deposit at an online casino. The question is understandable, considering the position of the US government on the issue.

The bottom line is that it is legal to use a MasterCard to make a deposit in almost all cases, except in countries or regions where gambling is illegal or there is some other lawthat makes such a transfer illegal. I realize that sentence is a bit obvious, but it's the truth.

I will give an example of an area where a deposit with MasterCard is not technically "legal": In the United States, due to the fact that the U.S. government does not accept MasterCard. UU. it has declared it illegal for a financial institution to manage a transfer of funds from an American to an online gaming site, technically, Americans cannot make a deposit with a MasterCard.

If you are concerned about the legality of this deposit method, consult local laws or a lawyer familiar with gambling laws.

Types of cards available

When you become a member of this company, you will find several cards at your disposal. Since all of them can be used to transfer money to a casino, let's take a brief look at each deposit option.

Credit cards - When you receive a MasterCard credit card, you can be sure that it will be accepted by most companies around the planet. Just give the card to the cashier or enter it online and the payment will be made immediately.

This fee is added to the monthly statement and you will have the option to pay in installments or in full. If you only cover a part of the cost, you will be charged a small percentage of interest and the new total is transferred to the following month.

Prepayment – The customer can charge any amount of money on this type of card and purchases are deducted from the balance. When the funds begin to run out, it is normal to top up the card with more money.

This can be achieved by transferring cash from your bank account, or you can head to a convenience store or post office and receive a voucher. While the first option is more convenient, both are still viable options.

Gift cards - similar to the prepaid option, the cardgift allows the buyer to load a specific amount of money on a card, and then give it to someone else as a gift. As long as the balance remains on the positive side, the newowner can make as many transactions as he wants.

However, unlike prepaid cards, no additional funds can be charged to a gift card. Once the balance has been used up, the most common action is to throw the card away.

Debit – you will receive this type of card from your bank and it will be linked directly to your account. When a purchase is made, or a deposit is sent to a gaming account, the money is withdrawn directly from the funds available in your bank.

This card can be used as long as you have cash available. If your balance is zero, the card will cease to be useful.

Reasons to use MasterCard

Here are some of the most common reasons why customers use MasterCard to make purchases and fund their online gaming sessions:

Reputation – When people think of credit cards, this brand is right up there with Visa and American Express. It has existed since the 60s and during that time they have built a solid customer base.

Reliability - transactions are done in seconds and funds always go where they are supposed to go. While the ability to trust a credit card company is often taken for granted, it is essential to ensure customer satisfaction.

Volume - As mentioned above, MasterCard handles more than 20 billion transactions during a calendar year. When a company processes that kind of volume, it's doing almost everything right.

Widely accepted - Regardless of what you want to pay or which online casino you visit, there is a great possibility that this company is listed among your deposit options.

Disadvantages of using MasterCard

Since they conduct business on a global scale, MasterCard works hard to meet the requirements of various governments around the world. And since online gambling, and even gambling in physical facilities are frowned upon or totally banned by some nations, this financial giant has a firm policy of not allowing casino winnings to be transferred to their credit cards.

Things are even worse for customers in the United States, as the company will not allow deposits or withdrawals for online gaming purposes. This is due to the passage of the Illegal Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, which banned such transactions and placed banking institutions directly in the crosshairs of the American federal government. As for the financing of online games, it's as if MasterCard doesn't even exist for American players.

The phrase "online casinos that accept MasterCard” could easily be changed to “almost all casinos on the planet on the Internetno Americans." This is because the credit card company is a titan within the banking industry, serving millions of customers on a daily basis and offering a reliable service in the process. While U.S. residents UU. they are banned from it due to federal law, the rest of the world can load their casino accounts with incredibly fast efficiency.